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The South Carolina Bar kicked off its Proud to be a South Carolina Lawyer” campaign. I was one of 13 featured.



The Bar has added new videos to its “Proud to Be an S.C. Lawyer” video series. The videos present a glimpse into lawyers’ lives, law firms’ work, and their commitment to their clients and the community. The individuals featured in the videos come from diverse backgrounds and practice areas. Each relates their story about how they use their experiences combined with their legal training to provide assistance, insight, and empathy to the people they serve.


The South Carolina Bar began in 1884 as the South Carolina Bar Association, a voluntary organization of approximately 200 lawyers. The South Carolina State Bar was created in 1968. The two organizations were merged in 1975.The South Carolina Supreme Court set the South Carolina Bar Association according to Appellate Court Rule 410. It is part of its mission to uphold the integrity and Honor of the Legal Profession. Also, to advance and promote the science of Jurisprudence, high-quality legal education and services to the public and continually improve the Administration of Justice for South Carolina

The SC Bar serves both its more than 17,000 members and the public. 

All lawyers who practice in South Carolina are members of the SC Bar and may engage with the organization in various ways. They may serve in leadership roles as members of the Board of Governors, the House of Delegates, or in the Senior Lawyers Division or Young Lawyers Division; participate in one of 18 practice area sections or serve on one of more than 30 committees; volunteer for pro bono activities and other service projects; attend any of the hundreds of Continuing Legal Education programs offered by the SC Bar each year; attend the annual Convention; or write articles or books for publication


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