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With a deep desire to find purpose-driven work, there are more individuals (many of whom are former executives at large corporations) who are seeking to become entrepreneurs or invest in small, privately-owned companies. As a minority shareholder or business partner, are you really in control of your own destiny? Differences in ownership can result in abuse and efforts to squeeze out other equity holders. Greenville Business litigator Andy Arnold will represent you in corporate breakups, small business divorces, freeze-outs, breaches of fiduciary duty and unfair stock options.

Shareholder Oppression Attorney for South Carolina

The success or survival of a business often depends on mutual respect and trust. Once lost, problems follow. Dishonesty and greed can unravel business partnerships. Using the power of majority ownership, a majority stakeholder can deny the rights of minority shareholders. This may include:

  • Terminating the Employment of a Minority Shareholder
  • Wrongful Demotion of a Minority Shareholder
  • Improper Removal of a Minority Shareholder from the Board of Directors
  • Denying a Minority Shareholder Access to Information
  • Awarding Disguised or De Facto Dividends to Majority Shareholders
  • Recapitalization or Mergers that Reduce/Eliminate a Minority Shareholder’s Interest
  • Misuse of Company Funds
  • Excessive Salaries or Using Corporate Assets for Personal Benefits
  • Oppressive Conduct at Board Meetings

If you are a part of a small business and your partners are trying to push you out, then you need an experienced advisor, and if necessary, a litigator on your side. Don’t wait until it’s too late; it’s never too early to know your options and legal rights.

Protecting Your Rights in a Business Dispute

Sometimes disputes can be resolved. But sometimes business partners need to “divorce.” Whether the majority shareholders have committed fraud or neglect or have acted oppressively, you can benefit from the sound counsel of Greenville business litigation attorney Andy Arnold. Call the Law Office of W. Andrew Arnold at 864-242-4800.

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