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South Carolina Shareholder Oppression Litigation

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With some very public corporate and accounting scandals over the past 15 years, there’s been a rising interest in corporate ethics. Whether an organization be public or private, large or small, savvy shareholders no longer tolerate weak governance practices. Quite often shareholder derivative litigation saves the day for many investors.

Shareholder oppression attorney Andy Arnold represents individuals who seek to protect their investments and long-term interest in the company.

Money and Power

Corporate governance refers to the formerly established guidelines that determine how a company operates. It’s a constitution, of sorts, as it pertains to performance and regulatory practice. Stakeholders include shareholders, the board of directors and management, but may also include employees, customers, creditors and suppliers.

Common arguments for fairness include:

  • Is the board of directors acting in the shareholders’ best interest?
  • Were the affairs of the company mismanaged, inefficient or careless?
  • Did the company act in a manner that was burdensome, harsh or wrongful in disclosing information?
  • In the case of an acquisition, did the board consider alternatives?
  • In negotiating share prices, did the board of directors engage in a higher share price for a particular shareholder?

Shareholder Oppression & Commercial Litigation

For cases involving investor and stockholder fraud, shareholder oppression, shareholder derivative suits and surety class actions, contact the Law Office Of W. Andrew Arnold. He also litigates a wide range of business disputes, such as breach of contract, defamation, employment disputes and fraud. Call 864-242-4800.

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