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If you need a South Carolina employment lawyer, you want an experienced litigator with a track record of success.  Someone who knows the law, and knows his way around the courtroom  The litigation team at our law office use their experience, knowledge and local roots to protect the legal rights of employees and minority shareholders and to pursue compensation when those rights have been violated.

Employment law has roots back when employers where “masters” and employees considered “servants.” And the honest truth is that most employees do not have a remedy in a discharge context, but there are a several instances where the law provides protection.  And having begun as a research associate with a big labor law firm and then used that book knowledge combined with trial by fire experiences to become a tough but thoughtful litigator.

South Carolina employment lawyer Andy Arnold will review the facts of your situation, and if warranted schedule a more formal consultation to answer your questions and explain your options.  If litigation is one of those options, then you are the right place.  If you need someone to negotiate the best deal of your, then you need a litigator.  Right place. Again.

A South Carolina Employment Lawyer Who’s Trial-Ready

Big-firm lawyers provide high dollar representation to their clients, and so you can’t afford a hiring an attorney who meanders their way around a problem.  If you want your employer to take you seriously, you want a South Carolina employment lawyer with litigation experience and a track record of success. With Andy Arnold and his litigation team, the other side knows you mean business. A veteran employment lawyer with the necessary resources, Andy has successfully litigated cases in both state and federal courts.

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If you face issues of unfair wage, discrimination, harassment or wrongful discharge, contact Andy Arnold, an experienced litigator and employment lawyer in South Carolina. Call the Law Office of W. Andrew Arnold at 864-242-4800 to schedule a consultation by phone or in our Greenville office.

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