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With 30 years of experience, Andy Arnold is a nationally recognized employment attorney who has successfully tried cases in state and federal court. In addition, he has argued appeals before the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, the South Carolina Supreme Court, and the South Carolina Court of Appeals. In 1992, Andy became an employment lawyer with a large labor law firm, but he wanted to represent individuals and he wanted to try cases. So, after two years, he left the big firm and went out on his own to establish his own employment law firm.  Ever since his first employment discrimination trial, he has been representing employees in the courtroom and racking up wins and settlements that have helped people deal with unfair and unlawful employment actions.  Andy is one of the few employment attorneys who know his way around the courtroom. Just sitting behind a desk does not always get the job done. He is now recognized as one of South Carolina’s most experienced and accomplished employment attorneys.

South Carolina employment lawyer Andy Arnold will review the facts of your situation, and if warranted schedule a more formal consultation to answer your questions, look for leverage, and explore your options.

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Litigation experience is a must if you want to be taken If you seriously. There are not many Greenville employment lawyers with courtroom experience and a verifiable record of success. Did we mention that andy has been litigating employment cases for 30 years? A veteran employment lawyer who knows how to find the leverage in your situation, Andy can help you negotiate, and if necessary, litigate to a fair and just result.

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If you face issues of wage theft, employment discrimination, sexual harassment, or wrongful discharge, contact Andy Arnold, an experienced litigator and employment lawyer in South Carolina. Call the Law Office of W. Andrew Arnold at 864-242-4800 to schedule a consultation by phone or in our Greenville office.

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