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Our Blog NPR Nursing Home Resource Helpful For South Carolina Families

NPR Nursing Home Resource Helpful For South Carolina Families

Folks in South Carolina have limited options for 24/7 skilled nursing care, and the difficulty of accurately assessing quality of care in advance only adds to the problem.  As we have pointed out before, understaffing is one of the major causes of neglect in nursing homes. (It is elemental that a nursing home must have enough quality staff to provide adequate care for residents.) So any information related to a facility’s staffing levels is helpful in finding quality care.

But how much staff is enough? Unfortunately, figuring that out can be difficult, but any such analysis must be rooted in the facts. One important fact to consider is the acuity level of a nursing homes’ residents; facilities with more independent residents, the lesser nursing care they will require. National Public Radio’s website has a new database, which provides this Medicare information about acuity for  each of the 16,000 nursing homes in the United States., has some other information relating to staffing, although self-reported information should always be taken with a grain of salt. And it helps to have information from a variety of sources. We will try to provide some resources over the next several weeks.

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